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Bread and Butter Pickles and Pickled Garlic

Kickles - A pickle with a kick. The addition of garlic, spices, and hot peppers, gives this pickle some heat. Great for those who like it hot, but not too hot.

Sweet Baby Pickles - Sweet baby gherkins. Great eating right out of the jar!

Apple Pie Sickles - A sweet pickle with a hint of cinnamon!

Watermelon Rind Pickles - A true old-fashioned southern tradition.

Mild Okra - A mild flavored pickled Okra.

Bella's Hot Bread and Butter - Our famous Bread and Butter Pickle for the jalapeno lover. The peppers add a heat that goes well with the sweetness of our Bread and Butters.

Sweet Baby Beets - These famous Baby Beets will take you back to Grandma. Packed at the peak of flavor, and with just the right sweetness and spices, they are a treat for the eye and tummy. Our children eat them like candy!

Bread and Butter Squash - There is a new pickle in town. This unique Bread & Butter squash tastes very similar to our traditional Bread and Butter pickles, yet adds brilliant yellow color to your side dishes.

Moonshine Pickles - Thats why we created Moonshine Pickles, perfect dill pickles, pickled in our moonshine. Firm, crunchy and dill-icious, you can munch on it and then have a dill pickle shot to follow.

Cajun Candy Pickles - Try also our delicious Cajun Candy pickles! Great with cheeses, sandwiches and your favorite cold cuts.