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Our signature item! 13 oz. of our special Soy/Paraffin blend of wax to give you a long clean burn that throws an amazing amount of scent! Burn time is up to 100 hours. A wide variety of scents to choose from so browse them all!

Amber Sandlewood - Wonderfully soft & sweet, with just a bit of a hint of smokiness that's perfect in this candle. It's sure to please!

Apple Pie, Cinnamon, Vanilla - This triple-layer candle contains the great scents of Apple Pie, Cinnamon and Vanilla. You will love the way they blend together.

Bamboo & Aloe - Indulge your senses with our 13oz Mason candle, featuring a refreshing blend of bamboo and aloe that transports you to a serene oasis. This delightful fragrance combines the crisp notes of bamboo with the soothing essence of aloe, creating a perfect ambiance for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Banana Split - Great combination of Coconut Banana, Strawberry & Cream, and French Vanilla!

Blueberry Pie - Does the thought of warm Blueberry pie straight from the oven make your mouth water? Then this is the candle for you. We looked long and hard for the best Blueberry Pie scent out there and we found it. Now we have brought it to you. Don't wait to try this fantastic scent.

Buttered Maple Syrup - Buttery & Sweet. Does anything else need to be said?! This one will make your mouth water.

Butterscotch Bourbon - You'll need to smell this one to believe it! A specialized blend of caramelized butterscotch, melted butter and a splash of bourbon in our tried & true soy/paraffin wax blend.

Birch Bark - A unique and cozy candle that is reminiscent of toasted marshmallows and bonfires. Perfect for crisp autumn evenings!

Butt Naked - Soft and sensual, this delectable fragrance is the perfectly subtle candle for your bathroom or living quarters. We sell a LOT of this scent in our fragrance oils, so we decided to turn it into a candle!

Cedarwood Vanilla - This candle has satisfying rich earth and woodsy tones complimented perfectly by the unmistakable sharp notes of traditional vanilla.

Cherry Blossom - Indulge in this spring-time floral fragrance. This is an extremely clean fragrance with notes of citrus and a splash of green tea. Having this burn in your home or office is akin to a stroll through a botanical garden.

Comfy Flannel - A wonderfully delightful holiday fragrance, perfect for that cozy nook by the Christmas tree.

Cinnamon - This one is simply a staple for any candle line. Truly a spicy and intoxicating aroma that will have your friends think you've been baking all day.

Cranberry - Infused with the invigorating essence of cranberries, its warm and fruity scent envelops the room, creating a festive and inviting atmosphere.

Expresso - This is the PERFECT candle for the those who love the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and espresso. Just imagine the fragrance that you are greeted with when you walk into the local coffee shop; we captured it and put it into our candle.

Fall Candle - The Our Own Candle Company fall mason jar candle smells just like you would envision fall to smell. There are three flavors intertwined of Pumpkin Cream Pie, Cinnamon Buns, and French Vanilla. 

French Vanilla - This is another must have for any candle company, and our version of the warm and inviting French Vanilla is sure to have you turning your nose up at other company's attempts to recreate one of our specialtys.

Fresh Linen - This is one of our strongest and most popular scents. If you enjoy the smell of a clean and refreshing dryer sheet, then this candle is a must have. Perfect for laundry rooms, bathrooms and anywhere else you want to smell fresh.

Fresh Peach - Like walking in a peach orchard!

Fruity Hoops - Sweet orange, tart cherry, and sweet vanilla bean create the scent of the nostalgic cereal that we all love!

Frosted Bushberries - A wonderfully delightful holiday fragrance, perfect for that cozy nook by the Christmas tree.

Hot Apple Pie - This candle has been with us since the very beginning and is still one of our top sellers. It smells like it's straight out of the oven, and yes, it does smell exactly like hot apple pie.

Hot Buns - You can smell the creamy icing on a hot cinnamon bun - makes you want to go out a grab some cinnamon buns.

Hot Chocolate - Great chocolate scent! Picture a cozy living room with a fire burning and a steaming cup of delicious Hot Chocolate

Lavender Vanilla - A wonderful blend of Vanilla and Lavender. Our odor eliminating candles use a technology that actually breaks down the "bad smelling" molecules, instead of just covering up the bad odor.

Lemon Pound Cake - A wonderful candle for the springtime, this candle's name says it all. Smells like a warm lemon pound cake just popped out of the oven!

Love Spell - This Berry/Floral combination is sure to please and is our signature Valentine's Day candle. Soft & sweet notes throughout

Nice Melons -A must have for any summertime outing, we've combined our Honeydew Melon, Summer Melon and Watermelon scents to bring you an amazing combination that can't be found anywhere else.

Orange Creamsicle - Smells just like an old-fashioned Orange Creamsicle Ice-cream bar.

Pumpkin Creme Pie - Pumpkin cream pie large mason jar candle is sure to please your senses. It is softer and sweeter than our straight Pumpkin Spice candle. Just like a fresh pie right out of the oven.

Raspberry Lemonade - This candle is refreshingly crisp and sweet, with an exceptionally clean burn.

River Rock - Fresh, clean and invigorating. This candle has a rich, sharp aroma that is reminiscent of a cascading stream on a crisp, Autumn morning.

Smell My Nuts - Banana Nut Bread, Coconut and Hazelnut make this candle a truly outstanding combination of scents

Smoke Eliminator - House smell too smoky from your roommates or previous tenants? The sharp, clean and overpoweringly fresh smell of Smoke Eliminator will destroy those nasty, evil smells!

Smoky Spiced Pumpkin - We created this one for those pumpkin fanatics out there, and we know there are plenty of you! Harvest pumpkin blended with nutmeg, sugar, cinnamon and little bit of smoke. Soy/paraffin wax blend. 100 hour burn time.

Strawberries & Cream - This dual-layer candle smells exactly like a scrumptious strawberries & cream cake, sure to have your stomach grumbling in no time.

Stuffed French Toast - The wonderful aroma of your favorite stuffed French Toast. Cinnamon, Maple, and just a hint of fruit filling. It has quickly become an office favorite.. You will love this one!

Summer Night - A clean and refreshing scent, this candle is perfect for your summer home or lake cottage. A bit of a manly scent that women love too!

Summer Vacation - This summer blend is a wonderful three-layer mix of Coconut Lime, Tropical Paradise and The Beach. Wonderfully fruity and fun.

Triple Berry Pudding - Creamy and delicious! 

Tropical Paradise - A juicy blend of Hawaiian coconut, succulent pineapple, bananas and fresh passion fruit make this our most popular summertime island scent.

Tuscan Vineyard - Strong grape scent - you feel like you are in a winery!

Very Berry - Blueberry, Strawberry Melon and Raspberry- layers of goodness